Large wrap around porches and flowing lawns have fallen by the wayside due to the rising buildings, land costs, and the advent of modern technologies such as air conditioning. As means to enjoy their great outdoors, many renters or homeowners find themselves with only a small balcony, patio, or porch. 


However, decorating a small patio or balcony is much more enjoyable compared to the big ones. Compared to a large space, a smaller space is much more intimate for gatherings or private reflection and much more inexpensive to furnish. 

These small patio ideas will surely help you make the most of your small space whether you are yearning for a private place to unwind or you are hoping to use your small patio for entertaining. It is ideal that you put some concrete to some areas so that you can have space for your decoration, you can visit for assistance. 

    Define Purpose of Your Space 

You must determine whether you wish to use your small patio for entertaining or you prefer private retreat. It is very important that you limit the purpose of your space to the essentials in small spaces. 

    Choose and Arrange Furnishing with Care 

Before you add furniture, consider the size and scale of your balcony or patio. A small space can be easily engulfed by furnishings that are large or overstuffed. It is advisable that you opt for furniture without arms that has simple lines and low backs. For additional seating, benches can be used along one or more sides. 

It is a good idea to choose furnishings that can double duty. Search for furnishings that tend to disappear. For example, to see through them and decrease their visual weight in space, making them perfect for small patios, you can use acrylic or glass tables and thin line metal chairs. 

You keep in your mind the traffic flow in your small patio. You must be cautious not to block the entrance and exit points. To define the traffic flow in and around your patio, you can use patios without a lot of landscaping or wall, décor, and furniture. 

   Add Plants  

A great way to enhance privacy or shade is having container gardens. Before adding them to your small patio, know your plants or find a good nursery that does. Even though it is cute to see a little trailing plant, it can also take over your small space like kudzu. 

For your small patio, it is ideal that you choose landscaping plants that will add color, height, and texture. It is true that to any outdoor area, plants with pleasing scents are a wonderful addition but you must avoid plants with an extremely strong odor that can easily overpower a small patio and you. 

    Less Is More 

A small patio does not need to have a lot of décors. To open up space and make a small space feel bigger, you can use diffused, natural light, and light colors. Consider adding up lighting, string lights, or another electrical lighting if your patio is extremely shady.