Do you have a lot of things at home that you are not using anymore? It is either you want throw it, keep it or give it, that most common action that people do in terms of handling their things. What will be the benefit or the consequences you might get from doing the throwing, keeping or giving? That is what you will learn in this article if you got junk, just keep reading to learn and earn more information that you can use in yourself or at home.

How important it is for you to identify the things at your home that you may be able to use, reuse or just directly throw it? Knowing that will give you an advantage to make your home more comfortable and neater. No one wants to live in a messy house and a home that seems like a tornado strike inside the house. It is a matter of self-discipline and how you will use and treat your things at home.


This simply means that the things you once have is not usable and you don’t know what to do about it, so you simply just throw it. Like I said, it is good for you to know what are your things at home and know how significant and memorable it is. When you throw your things, it is like this so called, fight or flight situation.


  1. You will have more space at home and you are able to maximize the space you have by putting other important things to keep.
  2. If it is like a broken appliance it is good to throw it to avoid any accidents.
  3. It will never cause damage to any other things you have at home


  1. You will lose the investment you once have.
  2. You will lose some sentimental things you treasure.


Keeping some broken things doesn’t mean that it is really useless and it is only for a display. You can also do something of it, you can recycle it in many or make use of it for something else. Keeping some things will be very risky and will be beneficial in some ways too. Here are some of the reasons why some things are worth the keep.


  1. It will be reminding you about the things you once invest to and reminds you how important it is.
  2. You can do some DIY for it, redo it into something else.
  3. It can release your creative side when you do DIY for it.


  1. When doing DIY it will give some of your time.


Giving things that you will not be needing anymore will be helpful to other people. For more personal opinion, giving that things you don’t need pros and cons because it will be very helpful for other people. It will always be a good investment knowing that you help other people too. Just make sure you will give it to the people that will make it as a treasure as you did.